Sharing your story is one of the MOST IMPORTANT skills to MASTER in this Profession if you want to be SUCCESSFUL.

Do You Know that In This Business YOUR Story is Where the Power Is, It’s Never About Selling, It’s Not About “GETTING” Team – It’s About Inspiring People with The Power That Is Your Authentic, Genuine Story !!

If You Are Brand New, and Feel You Don’t Have A Story Yet, I Promise You that You Do!
You Have The Story of What Got You Here, What You Are Excited for & What this Could and Will Be In The Future. So many people are looking for the answer to their pains and problems. They will connect with your pain more than your triumphs.

Today’s Thursday Task Is SHARING YOUR STORY !!

You Have Two Stories – Whats the outcome you are looking for? What pain they are in and which story would connect with their pain best? Are they sick tired overweight? Or over worked? Under financial stress? Feeling unfulfilled?

🍏YOUR PRODUCT STORY – Sharing your product story you will attract and lead people to the product

👑YOUR BUSINESS STORY – Sharing your business story will attract and lead people towards the business.

Not to say your business story cant include some of your health story but its more about the benefits of what the business can give than anything else.

No One Can Argue with Your Story. It’s Your TRUTH, it’s What is true to you !! People can argue with the science, the marketing plan, the studies. Yet your story is yours alone and there is so much power in that !!!

Video Record on your phone your story under 60 secs using PLOT method. Dont over think it just pick up your phone and do it right now, 5,4,3,2,1 Go! And post it on your page.

P – Pain you where in before starting, described the emotions/feelings you felt, what did it feel like?

L – Lesson. What did you realise? I realised i didnt want to live like this forever something had to change. I didn’t like where my life was headed

O – I meet a guy, A friend introduced me, i was skeptical at first friends got great results or i could see my friends biz/health etc was exploding

T – Triumph how has it been changing your life? And what are the emotions/feelings & benefits you have experienced?


Share WHY your doing it? how do you see it changing your life and/or others lives in the future? Ie im doing this so i can travel more, buy a house, spend more time with family etc the benefits for the business or for more energy better skin etc for health

People connect with your feelings not your words, how did it FEEL before being in your pain & how does it FEEL now knowing you have found the answer?

To keep it really simple

Keeping it even more simple “What was the PAIN before, how has it been changing your life”


List the main key benefits not every little thing its helped you & your family with even if its true. If you make out like it changed your whole life and been a miracle transformation it increases skepticism, you lose credibility, they wont believe it even if it is true. Keep it short sharpe & to the point for the best result.

 Do you accept your mission?


XoXo NoomiKajsa