Sugar iss crap and we all know it. Then, why can’t we leave it? If you are hooked on things, like many people, you know very well how powerful the addiction to sugar can be.

Too much sugar in your diet leads to a litany of health problems, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Stop taking sugar is essential for the short and long-term health of your body and brain.

Is it easy to lose sugar? Not worth it? Absolutely.

Amazing Benefits of Reducing Sugar Intake

When you start the journey of kicking out sugar, you will have good and bad days. You will have some bad moods induced by the retreat and some slips along the way.

That is normal. Eliminating sugar is a process, it will take a little time.

After all, you probably have been hooked on the subject for decades. The trick is to keep reducing your intake, little by little, and not get discouraged.

Trust me, eventually, a day will come when you can walk through a donut shop without a second glance. Until then, remember that practice makes perfect.

Once you are on the low sugar road, you will begin to notice the small and not-so-small benefits. There are a lot of diseases, pains, discomforts and chronic irritations of health that have much more to do with sugar than we think, and many of them begin to disappear as our dependence on sugar decreases.

So, how do you feel, good changes, do you have to wait? Here are some of the great characters that you will probably see within a few weeks of dropping sweet things:

Your head will hurt less.

The roller coaster of spikes and blood sugar levels may be to blame for your frequent headaches or migraines. Sugar is not only a trigger for headaches, but it is also known to increase the severity of pain.

Reducing sugar intake will reduce the misery of a migraine. Better yet, you can eliminate your headaches completely.

One of the benefit of Reducing Sugar is that it Improves Your oral health

Your mouth and dental health will begin to improve immediately. When you consume sugar, especially in liquid form, much of it sticks to your teeth, even if you rinse your mouth later.

The bacteria immediately adhere to this sugar and begin to eat it, after which the acid is produced. The acid begins to devour the enamel that is in the teeth and, therefore, begins a horrible cycle for the mouth. Caries, gum disease and gingivitis are on the way.

Even brushing immediately after consuming sweets is a bad idea, as it makes your enamel softer and more prone to being brushed.

Your blood pressure and cholesterol will start heading south

Is your blood pressure higher than it should be? The high consumption of sugar could be pushing on the line. Reduce the consumption of sugar and watch your blood pressure numbers drop.

You can even stay in a healthy area without prescription medications! Another advantage: your LDL cholesterol will probably also go down to some points, along with your triglycerides; For some people, quitting sugar can reduce those numbers by up to 30 percent.

Reducing Sugar Will Make Your Immune System to Become Stronger.

Your immune system will be able to work much better once the sugar is out of the diet. According to a study conducted in 1973, sugar causes our white blood cells to stop doing their job of consuming harmful bacteria.

A slightly more interesting information from that same study is the fact that starches did not have the same effect on white blood cells.

In light of this fact, it would also be safe to assume that grains and pseudo-grains do not either.

For an immune system to function at its strongest possible level, the ideal situation is to eliminate all the added and processed sugar. While this can be extremely difficult to do, especially since sugar has many names these days, every little bit helps.

You’ll cut anxiety and depression.

You may think that the treats are helping you feel better after a bad day, but your mood is likely to be worse.

A recent study found that men who were filled with sugar had a 23 percent greater risk of developing a mental disorder and that both men and women who ate a lot of sugar had a higher risk of depression returning.

Cramps won’t cramp your style.

If menstrual cramps are a recurring problem, reducing sugar intake will help control inflammation. In turn, this will reduce the production of prostaglandins that produce pain and induce cramping to reduce (and possibly eliminate) much of the pain associated with menstruation.

You’ll drop a few pounds – and your diabetes risk, too.

Eliminating the empty calories found in sugar can have an amazingly positive impact on weight. Most of us underestimate the amount of sugar we ingest, that is until we make a conscious effort to discharge it.

Only then do we notice how fast the pounds fall! If you have been feeding your sweet tooth, there is a good chance that it will also be insulin resistant, which means that your body can not remove sugar from your bloodstream quickly or efficiently enough.

This can boost weight gain. By getting rid of sugar, it will allow your body to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels, which should reduce weight gain and facilitate weight loss.

You’ll improve your breath and your smile

Sugar is an important factor in the formation of decay, as it interacts with bacteria in the mouth to form the acid that causes decay.

Your breathing will also improve as the sugar nourishes the bacteria that cause bad breath. These benefits will be immediate and will only improve over time, he says.

You’ll rest a little easier.

sleeping aids

If falling asleep is a challenge, you have one more reason to kick sweet things. Many of us forget that sugar can have a stimulating effect, so if you get a piece of dark chocolate before going to bed, you may find yourself too sleepy to sleep.

Of course, not all are connected to the sugar bombs of the night, some people may experience an initial somnolent effect.

However, they will get up early enough to urinate, since the body works overtime to eliminate excess sugar, and night visits to the bathroom are guaranteed.

In summary: less sugar means more sleep.

You’ll get fewer urinary tract infections.

For many women, Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are a recurring discomfort. While excess sugar is not necessarily a cause of UTI, it does set the stage by encouraging the overgrowth of bacteria.

UTI-promoting bacteria love to eat sugar, so when you go overboard, you’re facilitating the flowering of the bad guys. Do not let them in your hand!

Kill the bacteria by starvation, eliminating your favorite food source.

You’ll live longer

When glucose increases after ingesting sugary foods, our insulin increases to compensate, and this activates a part of our nervous system that increases blood pressure and heart rate.

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease, as is diabetes and obesity, both related to excessive sugar consumption.

Sugar also increases the unhealthy fats of the blood called triglycerides in the blood, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

In an April 2014 study, those who consumed the most sugar were more likely to die of heart disease than their counterparts who consumed less.

Brain fog, begone!

protect your brain from alzheimer

Cutting sugar can be one of the best tools you currently have in your diet arsenal to protect it from future cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. What’s more, sugar in the trench has a more obvious and immediate benefit: a clear head.

Yes, less sugar equals less brain fog. A recent UCLA study found that high sugar consumption has a negative impact on memory and learning; In other words, the morning donut may be weakening your ability to think clearly.

If you want to stay alert, top up with a low-sugar diet that contains nutrients and good fats.