Named after its unique, curved hook-like thorns, cat’s claw is a plant that has long been appreciated in South and Central America.

But there is more to this herb than the peculiar appearance. Cat’s Claw is actually known for its traditional medicinal uses, for stimulating the immune system, for accelerating wound healing and for relieving gastrointestinal problems.

Discover more interesting facts about this herb by reading this article.

What is Cat’s Claw?

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Cat’s claw is a plant. Two species of cat’s claw, Uncaria tomentosa, and Uncaria guianensis, are of primary importance for use as a medicine. Uncaria tomentosa is most commonly used in the US, and Uncaria guianensis is mostly used in Europe.

Medicine is root and bark. Cat’s claw was ranked as the seventh most popular herb in American sales in 1997. Do not confuse cat claws with cat feet.

Unbelievable health benefits from Cat’s Claw

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Cat’s Claw can help with high blood pressure

Cat’s claw inhibited the aggregation of platelets and the formation of blood clots, causing the overall blood pressure to drop and blood circulation to increase.

It also prevents the formation of plaques and blood clots in the heart, brain and blood vessels.

Cat’s claw contains a composition called hirsutism that lowers blood pressure.

Hirsute acts as a calcium antagonist in the heart and blood vessels, which slows down the heartbeat and relaxes the blood vessels.

Cat’s Claw can protect against type 1 diabetes

Cat’s claw has positive effects in the treatment of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic autoimmune disease, in which the immune system destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

Cat’s claw reduced blood sugar levels and inflammation and prevented diabetes in mice whose insulin-releasing cells were damaged.

Cat’s Claw can help with chemotherapy

In rats receiving chemotherapy, the claw of the cat increased the number of white blood cells and helped repair damaged DNA.

In a study of 40 breast cancer patients who underwent chemotherapy, 300 mg of cat’s claw extract prevented a decrease in white blood cells (neutropenia) and repaired DNA damage.

Cat’s claw also stimulates the growth of progenitor cells in mice, which can replace damaged cells and reduce the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

Cat’s Claw Improves Immune System

A recent study showed that Cat’s Claw significantly increased the infection with white blood cells in adult men who supplemented this herb for 6 months.

Researchers also noticed DNA repair – both single and double stranded fractures.

The effect on the immune system seems to be twofold, with the ability to stimulate the immune response, depending on what is needed.

Hyperimmune responses can be suppressed, enhanced by supplementation with Cat’s Claw.

Cat’s Claw Relieves Arthritis

Several studies have shown that Cat’s Claw can be used to naturally improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In 2001 study, 45 people who suffered from osteoarthritis, either Cat’s Claw or placebo for 4 weeks.

Researchers establish that “pain linked to activity, medical and pain assessment scores were meaningfully reduced in the first week of therapy”.

Another study published in “Journal of Rheumatology” noted that treatment with Cat’s Claw extract resulted in a reduction in the number of painful joints compared to placebo after 24 weeks of treatment.

It is believed that this arthritis-fighting effect comes from a specific strain of Cat’s Claw with pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids – compounds that appear to be immune system modulators.

Cat’s Claw is fighting against the herpes virus

The antiviral properties of cat’s are effective against herpes simplex virus type 2.

Cat’s claw disallows immune cells from being infected with Dengue Virus and reduced inflammatory cytokines TNF-alpha and IFN-alpha.

Cat’s claw prevented the virus progression during the early stages of infection. Cat lick extracts prevent the spread of the virus by preventing it from adhering to cells.

In a study of 31 volunteers with fever blisters (herpes labialis), cat’s claw was more effective in reducing symptoms such as swelling, redness of the skin and pain compared to antiviral drugs Acyclovir.

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