How to Trade a Dream Stealer in Network Marketing ?

dream stealer

How do you take care of the Dream Stealers, the Nay Sayers, the critics and the people who simply do not support you in your life?

The first thing that I want you to do is write this, tell it every day, tell it to the world through social networks or what’s necessary and do what’s necessary to be 100% sure you’re fully aware of this truth ⬇⬇ ⬇

People will only respect you at the level that you respect yourself ?⁉

When you do not respect yourself to defend your dreams safely and authenticly, you give that dream thieves everything they need to master your own image.

Dream thieves are not trying to be bad people; they’re just following your example, and once you understand that and you still let people in your life laugh at you, tell you, you can not do it,

You deserve to have it in your life ✔??

So here is my advice … ⬇⬇⬇

I have had dream thieves in my life, but there are no dream thieves in my life, no one laughs at me and, if there are, they are definitely not in my presence. Because I took my own advice and eliminated all the dream thieves in my life, and I did it before I looked at making money.

Du må to abolish all the negative influence inyour life if you want to be a leader. All dream thieves must leave! Og det betyder ikke at du må eliminere folk fra livet. Sometimes it does, but not always. I remember the day I stopped allowing the sleep sealers in my life.

I had a friend who always made fun of me asking me if I had won millions and until that day, I allowed it to happen because he did not respect me. But one day I looked at here in the face and told here with every ounce or conviction he had …

“Do not ever laugh like that anymore.”

And she took it a little, but she just said, “Great” and we’re still friends and we had a good relationship after that and she never did it again. She remained my friend, but she stopped being a dream thief – BOOM ?

The result is that you yourself must defend yourself and if you can not defend yourself, do not expect anyone to defend yourself.


Make life an adventure everyday ?

Love Noemi Kristina