Most of us know that the bright, leafy green vegetable known as kale is a superfood, high in antioxidants and other health benefits. It can be challenging to have children eat vegetables and kale is no exception.

Making children eat their fruits and vegetables can sometimes be a nightmare. Almost all children reach a point where, somewhere in their developing mind, they decide for one reason or another that are not going to try anything new.

Easy way to sneak more greens into your kiddos

Parents, you are not alone in dealing with this. Again and again, parents are exhausted in trying to achieve the nutritional goals recommended for their children. Tears, threats and bribery can be exhausting and rarely work.

A healthy child’s lunch box consists of pita bread, ham, salad, fresh fruit, sultanas and drinking water.

Spaghetti or pasta

Some kids will still choose grated vegetables from pasta sauce.

Little by little starting to introduce mashed vegetables. Start with a small amount of vegetables, maybe a quarter cup of vegetable puree, and then gradually increase the amount.

Usually, children can not say that small difference. Zucchini is great for sneaking around or hiding in food because it really has no flavor; If you want to make broccoli puree, your children are more likely to taste it.


Again, lasagna is another excellent way to add mashed vegetables as part of the sauce. You can also try zucchini slices instead of pasta sheets.

Veggie Omelets

Eggs are the perfect way to hide cubes, and mean vegetable cubes. You can have any product you have and throw it away! I like to use diced mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and green onions in mine. Sometimes, I’ll also cut some spinach and mix it!


Mixed soups are really good. But be careful if your child does not eat pumpkins and the orange soup is made of carrots, they will probably associate it with pumpkins and they will not eat them.

The soup can also be a winner by adding interesting additional items. Sometimes children eat soup with pasta, so you can add zucchini noodles with pasta.


When it comes to vegetables to casseroles, I’d recommend using the vegetable mash trick. recommends using the vegetable mash trick.

If you put the vegetable puree and you find it too watery, then add some red lentils to thicken it. That way you’ll get more vitamins, minerals and fiber.


You can make homemade burgers and grate some vegetables on them and serve them with salad.

Again, have some vegetables that the children will eat. They might like carrots, so grate the zucchini on the burgers and have the carrots on the side.

Fish and Chips

If you do it at home, limit the size of the serving and serve a side salad, you could make vegetarian fritters instead of some of the chips. If this is difficult, just do not serve it very often.

Frittata and quiche

Kids often like frittata, even if it’s full of vegetables. Depending on the age of the children, making mini frittatas is a great idea, since they are an easy snack to eat, first I like my vegetables very tasty (like roasted pumpkin, roasted pepper) or you could try grate them or cut them into small cubes and cover them with cheese on top so they can not see the vegetables.