Speaking at a recent Network Marketing Event, a colleague of mine injected this team building thinking into our post-meeting question and answer session: “A rising tide lifts all the boats.” Powerful! Let’s think about it … As an entrepreneur, we normally lead a team or at least have a direct influence on a wider audience.

Perfect Steps To Infuse Energy Into Your Network Marketing Team

In network marketing specifically, I have seen many instances in which a single Associate or a group of Associates are working intensely in their businesses and this soon becomes contagious.

In a short time, the whole organization has been infused with new energy and activity; the growing tide of one is now raising many.

It is not surprising that high-energy organizations and teams produce great results. I would challenge you, whether you lead a team of 1 or 1000, your team will reflect what you are doing. If you want to succeed, you need to become the success you want.

What You Can Do Now To Create Energy In Your Network Marketing Team!

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” — Zig Ziglar.

To move your team or organization towards greater activity and prosperity, there are some things we can now implement to get us on the path to achieving the desired result.

These things we need to implement are…

Energize Network Marketing Team Tips #1: Develop A Network Marketing Team Name and Vision Statement

Energize Network Marketing Team Vision

What is the identity of your organization and where is it going? Make sure that both your name and your vision statement are optimistic and energizing while reflecting on your core values. The vision statement clearly articulates the final destination in which your team tries to reach.

Energize Network Marketing Team Tip # 2: Access Both Individual and Team Strengths

Where are you or the team currently standing out? What are your strengths? What are your opportunities? Take a speedy inventory of the critical skills crucial for success in your field. Choose only one or two development areas that would have the most immediate impact and focus your efforts there. Read books, listen to audio CDs, attend seminars, look for leaders who already possess the skills you want to acquire and learn from them.

Energise Network Marketing Team Tips #3: Set Goals

If you want to motivate a team, set some goals. The objectives motivate people to take ACTION. Keep your goals realistic and achievable, but also make them high enough to stretch yourself and your team.

Also, establish a timeline to achieve your goals; Include check-in metrics to evaluate your progress as well as an endpoint. When set appropriately, the objectives create a sense of energy that will attract team members to the desired destination.

Energise Network Marketing Team Tips #4: Hold Regular Brainstorming Sessions 

Brainstorming is a great way to get many new ideas on the table. Operate within clear rules of brainstorming: look for quantity, not quality, do not evaluate, defer judgment, and appoint a scribe to capture ideas textually on a flip chart and label or combine ideas is fine; the more wild, the better.

Energise Network Marketing Team Tips #5: Encourage and Respect the New Thought

It takes courage to bring a new idea or a new perspective within a team. Creativity is a mentality that must be defended and valued by the leader. Be sure to be open to new ideas and to suspend judgment during the idea generation phase.

Encourage people to build on ideas, not to tear them down. Discarding ideas too soon is a sure way to lose the best solutions and suppress creative thinking.

Energise Network Marketing Team Tips #7: Recruit New Team Members

There is no doubt that recruiting new team members can infuse new energy into a stagnant organization. Keep in mind; you want to attract business creators, people who are entrepreneurs, self-motivated and great thinkers! Does it sound obvious? It is, but consider that when you recruit the “right” person, a team can take a big step forward; recruit the “wrong” person and hit another nail in the coffin.

Take Action Now To Make It Happen Today

The task of imparting new energy and life into your team and organization as a whole begins with the first step; take it today.

A rising tide lifts all the ships. Organize your course, set your goals, act and you will become, and attract, the leader that others are looking for.