fall asleep fast

It can be quite difficult to fall asleep fast when your brain is thinking non-stop or anxiety has overcome the best of you, and it seems that it only becomes more difficult when you are lying in bed listening to your breathing.

However, paying attention to that breathing may be exactly what you need to find a quiet and easy entrance for a good night’s rest.

Everyone from time to time gets into a situation where falling asleep becomes really difficult. This is when a dream trick is useful.

I compile a list of incredible hacks that will help you slide into the dream world of Morpheus. At the end of the article, there is a great advantage that you will enjoy.

The ability to fall asleep depends on a number of factors that range from your lifestyle to your health and how you spend your time, including your belief systems!

To be able to sleep well at night, you need to spend less time trying to fall asleep and more in a state of legitimate sleep.

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To help you do that, we’ve put together a list of X proven hacks for better sleep.

Some will work better than others. Try several of these if you find it hard to sleep quickly and adopt the ones that work best. I wish you a pleasant night ahead and good luck!

Let’s start sleeping.


Keeping your room cool will help you sleep faster. So make sure you keep your room as cool as possible, but not too cold.

Years of scientific research have found that the temperature of your body is key when you try to sleep since the temperature of your body descends naturally when you start sleeping.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain a cool but not cold temperature in your room. Similar to how getting out of a hot bath makes you feel drowsy.

The best course of action is to keep a fan or window open to keep fresh air circulating, and then take advantage of the opportunity to snuggle. Charming.


While I’ve tried many different breathing techniques to sleep before, with varying degrees of success, this seems to be the most popular and effective way to numb yourself into the Dreamland.

This is how it done: inhale counting to four, hold your breath counting to seven and exhale counting to eight. Repeat everything you need.

Now, why does this work? Well, the retention of breathing also has a calming effect on the parasympathetic nervous system and can also help slow and cool the brain.


One of the best tricks to sleep is to eliminate the most common addictive chemicals such as caffeine. Yes, we are all guilty of drinking some caffeine at one time or another, be it in our tea, coffee or even in chocolate.

However, if you want to make sure you go to bed as soon as possible, try to eliminate caffeine from your diet after a certain time of day.

Studies indicate that reducing caffeine consumption after 3 in the afternoon helps improve sleep quality and sleep time.

So, if you want to try something that will help you fall asleep in record time, try to get rid of the afternoon coffee cup and see what happens.


The revolution of meditation continues to advance through our cities and cultures, considered a great help to anyone who needs it, and with good reason.

In terms of being simultaneously rudimentary and revolutionary, meditation has been recommended as a way of healing for a large number of physical or psychological ailments, in this case, not being able to sleep.

Meditation allows you to calm your restless mind and concentrate on the kind of slow, rhythmic breathing that helps you sleep better.

In fact, one of the suggested breathing techniques, ocean breathing is perfect to calm you down and help you sleep.


This can be a problem no matter what your bedroom situation is, but it is always worth investing in a pair of solid blackout curtains if you are looking for an excellent trick to go to sleep.

With more light pollution on a day-to-day basis: the focus of your neighbor, the streetlights outside, the headlights of everyone’s cars at 1am, it can be increasingly difficult to sleep with all that extra light coming in and ruin your chance to sleep.

Opaque curtains are an excellent preventive measure, as they will ensure that your sleep is longer, better and less likely to be disturbed.


One of the biggest and best sleeping hacks for the person of today is to remove those annoying electronic devices from your room so you do not play with them.

Numerous studies have found that blue light from electronic devices disrupts your brain’s ability to relax for a better sleep.

Instead, try turning off your laptop, phone or tablet about an hour before going to sleep, so that your mind can relax properly and get the quality of sleep you deserve.


Establishing a formal time to go to sleep, such as at a time when you force yourself to go to bed every night, can be extremely beneficial in terms of helping you to sleep in a hurry.

Establishing a formal bedtime can not only help you physically but also has some important psychological benefits.

Establishing a certain time for you to go to sleep helps your mind recognize that it is time for you to begin to rest and relax, in the same way, that a child learns to sleep through the night.

A regular bedtime also helps your brain fine-tune its levels of serotonin and melatonin, and helps balance your circadian rhythm.

In short, this happens to be among the most effective way to fall asleep. I urge you to give it a try.

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