OBJECTIONS are always that annoying side ? of the business. You will hear some commons objections and you will shake your head in confusion ?. But if you can remove the objections of a potential customer or business partner, you are one step closer to closing the deal.

Objections can be frightening for the new Network Marketer ?. But do not forget that the worst result will be a “NO”. You get up and start again with your next network contact. DO NOT let objections deter you for your success. And many are just a request for help ? 

People communicate in different ways. They can ask questions, make comments and make objections.

objections in network marketing

⬇ Start by remembering the following ⬇

Here are the ? network marketing objections.


When products are sold directly, there may be an objection to the price. Generally, they will make comparisons with other similar products, instead of what you are really selling.

If you are talking about a product that you can buy in any big store, ask them if the difference between the characteristics and the value is important for them. You can also mention how you are offering it at a wholesale cost to them, which is not something they would get in a store.

And there will also be rewards if they offer to share their product with their friends, so soon, the cost will be completely diffused.


This is one of the most common network marketing objections, and it can happen after they’ve heard your spiel ?. You can counter this objection by asking if they still have questions about any of them.

Maybe your potential business partner needs more information to help him/her discover if this is the right opportunity for them .

You can also suggest that the best way they can determine if this offer is for them is to try it for a while. You can offer them an opportunity to first try it without any risk .


This objection is to handle skeptical prospects for your venture. It is possible that many people are interested, but they are worried because they do not have the money ?.

In this situation, you should tell them that you did not have the money when you started either ( if that’s the truth ), but you saw an opportunity that changed your life, so you made the decision and saw an opportunity for yourself and decided to do it anyway.

You can also help them by showing them how to get the initial cash. Let them know how you can tell them more about that. Maybe the company is offering low-financing options. Maybe they can reduce expenses or borrow money ?.

Remember to address your objection with a question ⁉, which has the effect of making them think and reflect on the situation. In this way, you will not have to defend your company.

Another tactic is to bring up something that they mentioned earlier. Perhaps they said something about being nervous ? about earning plenty money to put their kids through college ?‍??‍? , or that they needed more money for retirement ?? . You can let them know you’ll be showing them how to develop a new form of cash flow, without changing what they are currently doing. This will eventually help them to earn enough money ?to do all those things.

Don’t forget to address their protest with a question, which has the result of making think inward. This way, you won’t have to defend your venture.


This objection is based on the thought that a person has something new. Your first comment should be that Network Marketing is a part-time gig in your busy days. Offer to show them how they fit in with what they already do and ask if they would like to know more about that.

Ask your prospect if it is worth negotiating for some time. Maybe they could include some more time in their agenda ⁉

You can also provide a solution to your time management problems. I can tell you how the Network Marketing companies free up time, so they have more time to do what they enjoy.

Another tactic is to ask them if they continue to do what they are doing, will they have more time ? in 5⃣  years, or less? But if they try the NM opportunity, the goal is to have more time in the future. #timefreedom

There is also the idea of working hard to achieve the dreams of another person, but if you follow a new path, you can work to achieve your own dreams? .


With this objection you can make a similarity with them. You do not know how to sell either. You are learning on the fly. That’s why your company has the necessary tools, so you can use them, instead of trying to devise your own marketing methods.


Revenue can always be a sensitive issue. You need to be truthful and let them know that you have not collected it yet as you earn bonuses or because you can increase the number of people you get on your team. Remember that big paychecks come with bigger effort ?

You may want to divert this back to them. It is not about how much you are earning, but how much money you can earn. It’s more relevant when it comes to the kind of success you can have, which is different from your success.

You will want to emphasize the great opportunity it offers you. If you can get them to see it, they will also be sold on the opportunity. Remember that everyone’s success is based on their OWN LIMITATIONS, and not on anyone else’s. That’s why it’s great to be in the business for yourself ?


Many people distrust pyramid ? schemes because they may involve fraud or be illegal in their country.

You must inform them that you work with a legitimate company – off course you do 🙂

If your client is worried because a friend lost money with him, ask him about it. It may have nothing to do with the business, so it could be something completely different than they mention.

You can also recognize it and ask why your friend lost money on it. One that I like to use all the time is that if you feel that it is a pyramid scheme or a scam. Tell your potential customer to google anything with the word ‘scam’ on it. For example, let them know that everything is a scam! I’m not kidding here. If you search on Google, “Pineapple Juice Scam” ?, you’ll see tons of search results in relation to pineapple juice as a scam ?.


This could be a way to ignore you, or it could be a genuine objection. Many couples consult each other for purchases over $200. This could be either in the products they are buying, or even in business opportunities.

A business opportunity can have an impact on the life of a family, so it may be normal to want to first consult with a spouse. Once you have discovered that you are genuinely interested, tell them how this opportunity can benefit both of you ?? ??

Maybe everyone can meet with a coffee ☕ to discuss it. You can show both of them how a network marketing works and how the opportunity can benefit both of them at the same time, and how both can get the life they want.


You can give your best speech. Mention how you train others to do what you do. This may be the time to take out brochures or play videos that the company has produced ? ?

You can also mention the benefits of a Network Marketing business. Tell them how you work from home and how you care for your youngest children ?? or pets ? while your spouse is absent. Let them know how you can be your own boss and never have to worry about job security.


This is certainly a real comment. Let them know about the UNIQUE product ( which you of course has chosen to work with ) and the unique company. Maybe they would like to listen a little more ⁉

You can also let them know that the competition may be what motivates you. You can ask them if that is what motivates them to do better.

Also let them know that there are 7️⃣ billion people in the world today who are waiting for this product or business opportunity. You think this is more than enough prospects to face in someone’s life. The market is certainly not saturated in this sense.


objections in network marketing

✔ Objections can be difficult to face. You need to discern the real reason behind this, but it is best to do so by asking more questions. Be prepared with your sales materials in case you need to back up your facts or statements.

✔ And always remember to PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE again. You will learn to be comfortable with the most common objections, and you will soon be able to solve the most difficult objections as well.

✔ The good news is that the more you do it, the more confidence and tranquility you will feel in your business discourse.

✔ People will want to do business naturally with those who are successful, rather than those who have no self-confidence and say they will have to answer a question.

✔ And do not insist on people who say they do not like to deal with people or hate their ideas. Maybe tomorrow will be a yes!

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