When it comes to keeping the body properly hydrated, electrolytes are equally important as water. But relying on sugary sports drinks can cause more harm to your body than good, a better alternative, therefore, is lemon and pinch of salt.

This is certain to provide the necessary natural electrolytes that your body needs to stay hydrated.

Although drinking enough water can be a solution to many maladies, this can sometimes be as much as water can actually flush electrolytes.

Electrolyte balance is key to proper hydration

It is known fact that proper hydration is important for good health. Water, which makes up 55-60% of our bodies, runs a lot of processes from moistening oxygen to allowing for easier breathing, from digestion to flushing toxins out of the body.

Water is also essential for the transportation of nutrients within cells and maintaining normal electrical properties of cells. Water also plays a key role in the body’s natural healing processes.

What is most interesting is if the body’s water content drops by as little as 2%, the individual will suffer effects such as fatigue.

And in cases of extreme dehydration, more significant health problems can result in the digestive, immune, cardiovascular and immune systems.

Water may be highly important for hydration and normal bodily function, but so also are electrolytes.

The term Electrolyte is a pretty common lingua, especially when it comes to sports. If you are an athlete then you would definitely know how important electrolytes are for hydration.

Water relies on electrolytes in order to be absorbed properly.

Electrolytes are so important for water absorption that if you take too much water without getting enough electrolytes, your body will fail to keep the water and you will eventually get dehydrated. Electrolytes are equally important for the following processes;

  • Nerve impulses
  • Muscle contraction and relaxation
  • Maintaining a proper pH balance

In order to get the proper electrolytes level in the body, you can turn to nature. Sea salt and lemon is one of the proven ways to get your body electrolytes level to proper balance.

Below are some of the beneficial roles of sea salt and lemon water play in the body;

1. Fighting dehydration:

Fighting dehydration

Lime juice with salt is one of the best ways to combat dehydration. Profuse sweating often leads to a feeling of dehydration. When you sweat, not only do you lose water, but you also lose salt and minerals.

By squeezing lime juice in water and adding a pinch of salt and sugar, you prepare a solution that is rich in natural electrolytes.

These electrolytes will help in replacing the lost mineral and nutrient content in the body. This helps the body to hydrate properly and prevents the effects of dehydration such as fatigue and muscle cramps.

Aside from this, it rejuvenates the body, allowing it to perform better.

2. Prevent Muscle Cramps and Relieves Migraine:

Prevent Muscle Cramps and Relieves Migraine

Dehydration and electrolytes imbalance are some of the causes of headaches and muscle pain. Minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium work together to bring about proper muscle contraction and relaxation.

Magnesium also doubles as an anti-inflammatory agent, thereby helping to relieve headaches.

3. Boost energy levels:

boost energy

When the body has an adequate mineral requirement, then it has the energy it needs to have a proper day. When the body has the required micronutrients, this would act as a baseline from which it can function.

This eliminates the need for drug-induced stimulation obtainable from caffeine. By replacing morning coffee with lemon water and sea salt, you can replace temporary high with calming, natural, and long-lasting energy.

4. Better move:

sleeping aids

Minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which are obtainable in sea salt, can provide a calming effect which would improve sleep experience.

Research has proven that sea salt can reduce the level of cortisol and adrenaline, two of the major stress hormones, by preventing dehydration.

Caffeine brings about an unnecessary stimulation which may not be beneficial for people who have sleep issues. Therefore, replacing coffee with salt water and lemon helps keep your energy level up while also preventing insomnia.

5. Salt minerals help to strengthen bones and teeth:

Salt minerals help to strengthen bones and teeth

Sea salt contains several trace minerals which can actually help to re-mineralize the teeth, thereby preventing or reversing dental decay and cavities.

Osteoporosis is a bone disorder which is calcium and several other minerals from the bone.