Network Marketing has been one of the biggest buzzwords ever. Unfortunately, the term has gone from marketer to marketer, and its central message has deteriorated over time ?

Raise the standard Network Marketers  – booth personally and business wise.

The keyword is Integrity <3

?1. Do not overstate your income. It’s a lie ? if you tell someone you’re earning ten thousand dollars a month if you’re not even around. Tell the truth ?
?2. Do not make big claims of products that cannot be proven. ? It damages the general brand that you represents and endangers your life and that of your company as a whole. Do not do it!
?3. Do not be a flake; nobody likes doing business with people who do not keep their promises. Always do what you say.
?4. Do not cheat: trying to manipulate the compensation plan is a ‘no-go,’ and most companies frown at those who try to manipulate their system. People do this to increase their earning. It is not good
?5. Never quit. Yes, I know it is popular, and you’ve heard it a million times. But how can you get the finish line if you do not finish the race? There is no victory in stopping smoking. There is nothing for people who quit, who do not get to the end.
?6. Do not be a boss. You are not the boss of a member of your team. Do not behave like one. They came to network marketing for the freedom to be themselves, not to be mistreated.
?7. Do not speak bad about other networkers. They will know. Yes, people aren’t keeping mute. It is an ugly character that you do not want to show, even in the least.
?8. Do not gossip about people. Gossip is by definition not true or is not confirmed. It is second-hand knowledge. Promoting the conversation that you can not personally confirm as correct is simply not good. Gossiping is for those who are jobless.
?9. Do not screw another for your own benefit. Just do things that are beneficial to everyone. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Win-lose is never good in business. You will not help build relationships when you keep cheating others to earn more.
?10. Do not build it for them. Why would they build if they believe you are going to do it for them? No Way, even if you want to help, they should show some seriousness.
?11. Do not tell people to do what you can not do yourself. Leadership means being willing to do everything necessary to get the job done.
?12. Do not play favorites. People see it, know it and do less work for it. I’m not saying that you should not reward subordinate who deserve extra attention, but do not play favorites because you think someone else is “nice”.
?13. Do not nag. Nobody likes to be harassed.
?14. Do not change your mind every week. The people in your team are looking for stability.
?15. Do not take all the credit for your success. It was a combined effort. You have not built a downline of 23,000 people.
?16. Do not make things complicated. When it is difficult, people will not do it.
?17. Do not waste time Be efficient in the way you work. You can not buy or recall your time. Use it with wisdom.
?18. Do not constantly look at other offers. Do the bandages You are not as productive as you can be when you look around to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. The grass is greener where you give the water.
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