How to use Law Of Attraction in Network Marketing..?

In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of publicity about the Universal Law of Attraction, especially after the release of the best-selling book ? The Secret – which I also can recommend you to read  ? 

The exciting thing about the Law of Attraction is that it is as real as the Law of Gravity, and our life is AFFECTED by it EVERY DAY, regardless of whether you realize it or not? . Many people do not even realize how REAL the Law of Attraction is and it affects everyone in the same way as the Law of Gravity.

In short, if you pay attention to this, you can attract more Prosperity instead of Fault ??

POWER FACT # 1️⃣ : The main reason why the Law of Attraction is called Law is that it is, in fact, universal at work all the time and affects everyone in the universe the same without fail.

POWER FACT # 2⃣ According to the Law of Attraction, people always attract whatever is in vibrational harmony with life, whether good or bad. In other words, the circumstances and the actual results that you are attracting in life are determined by what you are vibrating through your thoughts and emotions? 

This is very important to understand to attract prosperity to your life and exploit your Network Marketing income because everything is created through the ENERGY  vibration. In essence, this is the main master key ? ? to enjoy a HAPPY and prosperous LIFE  ?

Think of your favorite radio station ; For example, each time you want to listen to your favorite station, set your tuner to the specific frequency/channel of your station on your radio , which is also tuned to a specific vibration on your radio ? .

Therefore, although many different radio stations transmit simultaneously every moment of the day, you do not know them and, primarily, they do not become part of your experience until you tune in and change the station ‼


The same principle applies to attract PROSPERITY. Even if you want to prosper, if your thoughts are about DEBT and LACK, this is what will continue to appear in your life – rough but the truth ⛔ . In other words, YOU will ATTRACT what you FOCUS, BELIEVE and are in vibrational harmony with, whether positive or negative – so be very careful ✔


The principles are the SAME regarding actually attracting PROSPERITY in life, ESPIALLY when building your Network Marketing business. Whatever you focus and tune is also what you will attract. If you tune into Prosperity and focus on success, that’s what you’ll attract. For the same reason, if you focus on the lack and the fight, that is what you will attract.


As unfortunately there is always a lot of negativity around you, it is not surprising that maintaining a positive mental attitude is a challenging task for most people. In fact, this also explains why people tend to attract more negativity when they continually focus on the things they do not want.

There are two fields of magnetic energy around us, and one is positive, and the other is negative. You determine which one will connect with your thoughts just as you can choose cold or hot water by simply turning the right water knob.

Consciousness is essentially the first step in the use of the Law of Attraction to attract more Prosperity in your Network Marketing business.

This is what I call the Formula of Prosperity or the Hidden Order of the Prosperous.


The final translation of this Prosperity formula means that if YOU want to have more in life, then YOU must do more, and to do more, you must first be MORE ?. In other words, the key to prosperity is basically to understand that your positive thoughts and your prosperous way of thinking will allow you to produce productive actions in your Network Marketing business – Good luck ?

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