Network Marketing Tips

If you are looking for some Network Marketing tips help you succeed and to keep your team motivated and duplicated, these tips will really help you in your business.

I have been developing my network marketing business and one thing I know is that unfortunately, not all will be motivated and active to develop network marketing as a business.

I’ve searched for a lot of Network Marketing tips on how to succeed as a network marketer when I first started and how to make people build with me, but it’s just one of those things we cannot worry about too much.

We have to understand that people who quit smoking are just part of the business. Once we can come to an agreement with that, we can feel better about moving forward.

There are people out there who are hungry for what we have and do, but most of us stick to the wrong people.  I would suggest going ahead with all the activities instead of wasting time with the wrong people.

I’m going to share with you Network Marketing tips that I have learned while attending Network Marketing Events and those I learned myself while doing the business. All these tips have been applied and I noticed an incredible difference in My Network Marketing Business and my team as a whole.

Network Marketing Tips #1. Choose a Network Marketing Company Carefully

Do not buy in a company based on emotion or likeliness. Look at the company and its products or services. Do you have an alliance with their core values? Would you feel happy recommending the company to your family?

The pure truth is that a company that lacks substance or does not provide a high-value product will not last and will not earn you long-term money.

Look at your history Check the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has any criticisms. How long have they been around, what kind of leadership team do they have?

Any Network Marketing Company you recommend will have a direct reflection on your reputation. If you need to perform a deep research if you do not want to ruin your reputation or the relationships you have established with your potential customers.

Network Marketing Tips #2. Set the right expectations and do the work

Another reason why Network Marketing has got a bad name is due to the fact that some people have unrealistic expectations. Many people believe that the MLM industry is a get-rich-quick scheme, where you can become a millionaire overnight.

The fact is that MLM is a 3-5 year career with learning skills. Some of you should learn how to be leaders and how to move from the mindset of employees to that of an entrepreneur, which can take time. As some are too used to getting “quick” money, they give up the first sign of harshness and claim that MLM does not work.

A mentor of mine would say, your Net-work marketing, not Net-Wish or Net-Hope Marketing. Work is required and this business works if you work it.

Network Marketing Tips #3. Dedicate Time to your Team Wisely

Network Marketing Tips No 3 Says You Should Dedicate Time

Do not waste your time taking care of your team. You are not a technical support personnel. There are many external tools and services that can be directed to team members. Use webinars and conference calls as a way to better manage your time. The Internet offers tons of tools, resources, and technical support for marketing specialists, just Google.

Individual support has its place and can be critical in recruiting new members who need help to get started. This can be done with individualized coaching face to face or via Skype.

It is also vital to focus your attention on the highly enthused members of your team: those who move. These are people who are making things happen in the business. They will generate clues and earn money.

You must concentrate with your inner circle that is really acting. Remember that many people will not take action. They will not develop potential customers or market their businesses online.

Do not exclude them that are not so productive or motivated. Still, you should answer emails and calls, but do not be fooled by trying to micromanage your team or try to solve technical problems that can be resolved elsewhere.

Network Marketing Tips #4. Manage your Own Time Effectively

Do not get caught up using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos or other online activities unless you are gaining leads from it. It can distract a lot and consume your time. Dedicate a specific time for these activities. The rest should be just for work.

Planning your day, prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and eliminating distractions are all great methods to make you more productive and help you avoid procrastination.

Network Marketing Tips #5. Get A Good Mentor

Find a mentor who has obtained the results you want in Network Marketing, or who has a vision and is working to achieve it, and work with that person.

The mentor may not necessarily be the one who brought you to the business, your success in your business does not depend on your sponsor.

If you want to be successful, look for people who have obtained what you want and model their actions, beliefs, and mentality.

Network Marketing Tips #6: Attend Events

This has been, by far, one of the best network marketing tips I have had with my team and I recommend that ‘No matter What’ this is absolutely mandatory for any member of your team that wants to make money with your opportunity.

When you bring a new team member, you should share with them the next date of an event and get them to attend. Sometimes you’ll have to push them to attend, but they’ll be grateful you did when they left.

I just got back from one of our big company events and every time our team and I come back we produce BIG numbers!

Yes, We increase.

Network Marketing Tips #7. Leverage the Power of the Internet


Offline network marketing still works and is important, but with the Internet, you have excellent systems that can influence your business and automate the entire process.

If you have a website or a blog, you can provide a series of video tutorials to help new members get started. You can conduct webinars and training or presentations over the Internet. Each participant can sit on their own computer and is connected to other participants through the Internet.

You can also provide a voluntary subscription list on your website by which you give away something for free in exchange for the name and email address of a potential customer. Email marketing is a very powerful tool to generate leads and can generate high conversion rates if used correctly.

Network Marketing Tips #8. Coach and Train as many People as Possible

The more value you provide, the more profitability you will get and the more people will want to join your business. Seek to help people succeed and you will succeed. You must lead and sponsor for value, be unique and be yourself, make an extra effort.

Whether you are participating in training and individual counseling or using training videos and webinars to answer questions and solve problems, be sure to provide really good value. They will appreciate you for it and the answers you provide will go a long way.

Network Marketing Tips #9: Learn To Differentiate A Legitimate Network Marketing Company from a Pyramid Scheme

The reason why most Network Markets do not succeed in MLM is that they do not make this imperative distinction between the Legit Network Marketing company and a pyramid scheme. Network Marketing is designed to move products and services directly from the parent company to the user, and that is why it is also known as direct sales.

In a pyramid scheme, no product or service moves. The money that flows in a pyramid is based on only recruiting. So, if you see a program where they say, bring a person and earn an X amount, and there is no tangible product, I suggest you run.

Network Marketing Tips #10. Provide Extra Incentives for Joining


A good way to attract people to join your network instead of your competitors is to offer them additional incentives to join and sign up under your name. These could be products, tools or bonus services provided free or at a discount. With the marking of online networks, this could involve training videos, e-books, automatic responses or web tools and services. You can also sell them to your current network, which allows you to get extra money.

Network Marketing Tips #11: Understand that a New Member wants is to make their investment back

If you can help your new team member to make their initial investment back within 7-14 days you’re going to have one motivated and excited new team member who will be spreading the word fast.

We tend to overlook the simplicity and power of this because we want to earn plenty money with the opportunity, but plenty money has to start with re-cooping the initial investment and building belief with the new team member that this model works. Once you can establish that, you have a motivated that team member.


I am sure that if you adopt these 11 keys you will be on track to succeed in Network Marketing.

If you have any other Network Marketing suggestions to share in succeeding and growing your team that has worked well with you and your team, please share them in the comments section below. I would love to see what works for you.


Love NoomiKajsa