Objections – I don’t have time !!

Has anyone from your downline ever said that or ? ?

“I would grow more in my business, but I just do not have time.”

Everyone’s #TIME is limited to 168 hour per week ✌️

?You might work full TIME.
?Maybe even have 2 jobs.
?You may have kids and other parental responsibilities.
?You might volunteer.

The reality is that you have:

? 56 hours of sleeping ?
? 35 hours of eating, driving etc. ??
? 37 hours of working ?‍?
? 40 hours ENOUGH TIME 

If you do not have time now, you desperately need the residual income ? that Network Marketing has to offer. That may be probably one of the reasons why you joined. Do not let one of the reasons why you started is one of your excuses why you can not achieve success.

I was listening to training on time management, and this is what the coach said ?

“It’s your time management, not your time availability that determines the speed of your success.” ~ Ray Higdon

If you cannot manage the little time ⏰ you have now, then you will not be able to manage more time. In fact, you have more time than you think. You can spend 10 hours a week in your business at this time.

That’s a lot of time. The fact is that most people do not spend those 10 hours doing IPA (Income Production Activities). Instead, they avoid uncomfortable things. They could clean up their office ? or study more about their compensation plan or product. After spending their time doing something more than an IPA, they think to themselves,? “I did well today, tomorrow I’ll start with phone calls.”

But tomorrow the same process is repeated !!!!!!

If you can not build your part-time Network Marketing business, then you cannot build it full-time – period.

The same bad habits of time management will continue. Instead of spending 2 hours a day reading and studying for your business, you will spend 8 hours a day reading and studying. You will still avoid making the IPA.

Work with the time you have now and make sure it is productive. ??

If you look carefully, you will see that you have enough time to grow your business and that when your business starts generating income, you can reduce your work and have even more time.

Work your business as you read it in a book. When you are reading a book that you enjoy, you do not have to “schedule the time” to read it ?. Take the book everywhere and read it whenever you have the opportunity.

You may be waiting for an appointment, and you will be reading your book. You may be waiting for your car tire alignment and reading your book. You may be having a coffee or a bite and reading your book.

What happens if you worked your business in a similar way? ?

You can prospect while you are at your lunch break. You can even prospect during commercial breaks when watching television. Spend a little time doing income-generating activities is always better for your business than any time ?‍♀️?‍♂️

If you are able to talk to 5 persons per day, (very feasible even for those who have little time), you would have made 150 phone calls at the end of the month. That’s more calls than 90% of network marketers out there. And you would get 90% more results too.

Create a great day !!

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