The 5 key things that every online entrepreneur needs to know ???

If you read from here to eternity about the best way to establish a successful online business, you would leave the other side with a large pile of books and a confused mental state ?

Probably you would also be so full of contradictory advice; you would be as disoriented as when you first started ?

Considering this, if you are like any other owner of an online business and have a little time at this time, I thought about distilling what I learned into five simple things.

These are the lessons I learned about how to succeed online, in a clear and precise list …


Your business is, always has been and still will be about your customers. Without them, all you have is a good website with no income. Unless you keep an absolute customer focus on everything you do, from the product or service to the marketing and service itself, your online business will not work.

Feed your customers, think with your design, perspective, and innovate with them in mind, and your business will thrive.


If you are among those internet users who use malfunction gadgets or have to wait an hour every morning to log into your network, or if your mouse is playing funny like mine did last week [hahah] and is causing you repetitive strain injuries.

It’s time to invest in decent hardware. Similarly, if you are spending too much time on your billing or struggling to make your wi-fi work, it is essential to update, refine and improve what you have.

In the same way that a carpenter will work better with excellent tools or a dancer performs better with the right shoes, so you should make sure you have the kit you need to work efficiently online without frustrations. Speed up your office environment, and a great job awaits you.


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When you start working from home, space seems to be the last thing you want. The days seem too quiet and you miss the activity of a busy office. However, as your online business grows and your customers begin to participate, it appears that you have a multitude of people at your side each time you log in.

People ask for attention, compete for answers to queries, chat with you, send an email and that’s only in the virtual world [hahah]. Your children may want to see the emoticons on their laptop. Your spouse may be showing up in a vacuum cleaner or having a conversation about where you will go on Friday night and your ability to achieve unexpected results.

Clean the space above all, to help you work in optimal conditions and offer excellent results.


The success of an online business demands routine. It may sound boring, but without a clear plan that tells you what to do every day and when, you will be easily distracted, and you will lose focus. Things will not be done; deadlines will not be met, you will forget to do everyday tasks and drop crucial jobs.

While this is the least glamorous aspect of your paper, it is possibly the most important one. Develop your long-term plan and then discover what daily tasks you must do to make it a reality. Your business will thank you! Have some DMO – daily method of Operation.


I’m not talking about software programs here, but about that stubborn and constant determination to achieve something with your business every day. That feeling when you get up forces you to do what needs to be done and then makes you analyze your achievements before going to sleep every night.

It is this constant determination, dedication, and application that will reap the rewards for you in the long term, differentiating yourself from your competitors and gradually turning your company online into a truly formidable company. PLAN, DO and REVIEW ✅✌

Then, there you have it…..

The 5️⃣ main things that every successful entrepreneur needs to make their dreams come true, and see how the fruits of their work come to fruition

Sincerely Noomi Kristina

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