Walnuts are highly recommended foods for their taste and versatility in different dishes and culinary preparations as well as for their health benefits.

walnuts what are they for 6 properties and benefits

With the aim of discovering all these uses, in this article, I will highlight the main properties and benefits of eating nuts and what they are for, from the point of view of prevention and management of not only physical but also psychological alterations.

The nut, a very healthy fruit

Walnuts are the fruit of the walnut tree, a deciduous species of the Juglandaceae family. This tree is native to the Middle East and was introduced to Europe in classical times; later it came to the American and African continents.

The nut is a food considered curative or miraculous for millennia for a large number of properties and beneficial nutritional contributions it contains.

This particular fruit is inside a hard and rigid brownish color that can be split in two. Inside is the seed, which has a characteristic shape of the brain.

Its main nutritional characteristics are its high content of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals and vegetable oil. It is estimated that a classic walnut contains approximately 50% fatty oil, mainly linoleic acid.

7 properties and benefits of eating walnuts

Although it is not a much-consumed food by the general society, there are many benefits that a habitual consumption of nuts contributes to the organism. Next, we detail them.

1. Reduce cholesterol

Eating nuts brings great benefits at many levels; One of them is the reduction of cholesterol. This reducing effect is due to the fact that the nut is a food that contains 0 cholesterol and 0 levels of negative fat for the organism.

In addition to that, eating nuts favors intestinal transit. Thanks to its high fiber content, it generates a feeling of fullness and favors the loss of weight in the person who eats them.

2. Cardiovascular health

Another benefit that contributes to the habitual consumption of nuts is to favor and preserve cardiovascular health. Whether you have suffered from cardiovascular diseases or if you want to minimize the risk of developing them, eating nuts is a highly recommended remedy because it helps prevent the blockage of the arteries.

In addition to that, preventing high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) and facilitating blood circulation is also associated with a lower incidence of heart problems or any other cardiovascular problem.

3. Stimulates intellectual activity

One of the classic benefits of habitual consumption of nuts is the stimulation of intellectual functions. The main elements that favor this type of effect are the vitamins and the fatty acids that the nuts contain, that activate the central nervous system and favor a greater and more efficient performance of the functions of the brain.

Some of the cognitive functions that the habitual consumption of nuts can improve and enhance our memory, learning, concentration and intellectual performance in general.

4. Preserves the immune system

Although it is not a well-known benefit, the habitual consumption of nuts preserves and improves the immune system.

That is why walnuts can help strengthen health status and minimize the risk of contracting all kinds of contagious diseases.

5. Modify the mood

Although it may seem surprising, the continued consumption of nuts exerts a revitalizing and energizing effect on the person and favors a positive mood and a reduction in stress, mainly due to its high content of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

This energizing effect is due to the stimulus that involves the consumption of nuts for the nervous system and also to the effect of the vitamins, sugars, and antioxidants that they contain.

6. Liver diseases

The consumption of nuts also benefits the organism in particular cases, such as liver diseases. The main component of the nuts used for this purpose is natural fatty acids.

Besides that, the antioxidant properties of nuts help to purify the body and especially the liver in case of liver problems.

Another benefit that regular consumption of nuts can bring is the increase in male fertility and an improvement in sperm quality. These are the health benefits (both physical and psychological) of eating nuts regularly.