For all of you Blockchain and Crypto advocates out there who keep asking us our plans in the space… we do have some very BIG things in store, and like everything else we do, our tech is next level!

Weltalk for Crypto Advocates
All Webtalk can share right now is… yes, they will have a lot of blockchain tech coming in the future, and… yes, they will have our own coin.
But… no, they are not doing an ICO, and… no you don’t have to buy the coin, or own a server farm to get your hands on it.
All in due time! Just keep inviting everyone you know to our Beta and we will keep delivering on our promises.
If you are reading this, then you are one of the lucky ones because your affiliate income opportunity is truly uncapped.
At a low end, you’ll make about $0.01 per day per daily active user (dau) within your referral network ($0.30 per month per DAU average) just from advertising ie. without anyone buying anything.
You all have an opportunity to get 100K users in your referral networks right now. That’s everyone getting 10 referrals each to join Webtalk for free through 5 degrees of separation.
Not everyone who joins Webtalk is going to get that opportunity because we are shutting off the 5-level commission plan after the first 1M qualified affiliates (or more if there are more who pre-qualify during the Beta)
100K Daily Active Users in your referral network will at the low end pay you approximately $30,000 PER MONTH! Think about that! That is the starting point.
This is serious, and I hope you all take advantage of it, because if you don’t someone else will and you will miss out.
If you haven’t watched our videos yet with all of the info, please do so via our YouTube channel.

Thanks everyone and join Webtalk NOW!

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Noomi Kajsa