To be consistent means when you dedicate your entire self completely to a task, activity or goal. It means to fully stay engaged without distraction. It means that you go out every single day after that thing that you want without being reasonable.

• Why To Be Consistent 

If you’re not consistent, you’ll never finish. The Key is Consistency to who you want to be, When you working on a dream at some point something happens that stops you from working on it consistently. You will fail again & again, you will face disappointments and defeats but when you’re consistent in your actions you keep doing what you can to make it work only then you can finish what you started.

Even start of a business plan will fail eventually without being consistent so it’s important to stay consistent in managing your business.

 Consistency Makes You Relevant 

You need a predictible flow in your work. Consistency makes you dangerous for your opponents. Whatever you’re doing in life you want to stay relevant, you don’t want people to say that you’re irrelevant. So what consistency does is it makes you stay relevant when you come back everyday with the same purpose that you had from day one, people will start taking you seriously and they’ll see you differently.

• Consistency In Action

Consistency-in-action doesn’t mean that you keep repeating the same thing over & over again. It’s about growing, developing and learning how to make more of what you’re doing. Adapting new ideas into your work being creative in what you do.

This is not about mindlessly repeating an action without looking at the results and without knowing if it is making an impact.

” Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come ”