What’s the NUMBER 1️⃣️ REASON people LEAVE or make a JUMP? What do you THINK 

The GOOD thing about #NetworkMarketing is there is a low barrier of entry, which means people can get started for approx 500 ?. The BAD news about #NetworkMarketing is you can get started for approx 500?.

Which means it’s HARD for people to distinguish their new #opportunity as just being a weekly Hobby or a real business that could make you a millionaire

It’s insane to think that if you work hard and put in the work you could literally become e millionaire in your company ?

So the question is WHY do most people still QUIT or change companies so often even thought the know the possibilities are endless 

Is it because most people join Network Marketing in poor financial positions 

Or the start up cost and monthly fee is greater than what they make 

Or they think another companies products will sell better 

Or the criticism/rejections from friends and family is too great 

At the end of the day, Network Marketing is a business and if you want to make money it will come down to your hard work.

It Is NEVER the companies’ fault if you fail! – HOWEVER there are companies who suits you better then others – right 

You are the #BOSS the blame falls on your shoulders – don’t go the blame road.

Just remember every time you SWITCH company you are starting over again.

If you are looking into joining a #Networkmarketing company, make sure you do your #duediligence before joining, treat it like a legitimate business and do your best to become a master marketer 

That way you won’t blame the company when things get tough and believe me when I say they will 

But you will be PREPARED 

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